Do you think that now is the best time for your wedding? You have really long relationship and you feel that it is the right time to change and next step in your life? If you would like to prepare something special, we can help you. There is propose in Prague for you, so you definitely can avail our services. What can we offer you? There are three special packages. You can choose for example romantic dinner under the Prague Castle, where will be closed gardens only for you. We will decorate this place and we are sure that your girlfriend will be absolutely dedicated.

A new step

This is a new step, so you should have very nice start. If you don´t like dinner in gardens, you can try for example luxury night in presidential apartment. There are also very nice spa procedures that you can enjoy common with your girlfriend, you can avail also nice aromatic bath and then you will taste the best dinner. You will have free entrance to observatory, so it is perfect possibility for your question – you will have all sky with stars for you.